Live streaming and some other technical details

Here are some technical details for this year’s OpenFest:

  • We’ll have again live streaming, of all rooms, in different formats, which should work on almost all devices you have. More details can be found at the streaming page (also available in the menu on top).
  • We also will have working wi-fi – an open network called “OpenFest”. Last year it survived an invasion of a ton of devices that were behaving as access points, now we’re waiting for this year’s challenges 🙂
  • For the people who don’t have wireless devices, in the workshop rooms there will be switches that you can connect to.

5th and 6th of November, 2016
"Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Venue: "Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

By metro

The “Bulgaria” hall is next to the Sofia’s City Garden, between the Sofia hotel and the Ministry of Defense. It’s close to the “Serdika” station of the metro.
Map of the metro | Schedule