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The afterparty of OpenFest 2019 will take place on the 3th of November (Sunday), 8:00 p.m., at “In the park” event center. Our afterparty is famous for its good music and nice beer and as the tradition goes, the first drink will be free thanks to SiteGround. Keep the bracelets you get at the entrance […]

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Important Details about OpenFest 2019

Here are the most important things you need to know about the event: The entrance to the event is free, no registration required. We’ll have an afterparty on 3 November at 20:00 (8 p.m.) in the In the Park event hall (in the “Little NDK” building, above Lumiere Cinema). You’ll get a visitor’s bracelet at […]

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Zoiper supports OpenFest

The Zoiper team is glad to support such a purposeful event such as OpenFest. Zoiper is happy to bring smiles onto the visitors’ and participants’ faces by taking a piece of the Zoiper office environment to the Zoiper booth. This year, Zoiper will try to be the most joyful booth – with orange surprises for […]

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Ontotext at OpenFest 2019

Ontotext helps enterprises to identify meaning across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information since 2000. Ontotext offers technology and services for the development of big knowledge graphs, interlinking multiple structured datasets. Analysis of such graphs provides semantic entity profiles that enable more accurate text analysis, which in turn delivers metadata, new entities and […]

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SumUp Supports OpenFest 2019

We are SumUp. We believe in the heroes of the day. Those who have the courage to chase their dreams and make them happen. Our teams in Europe, South America and the US work with an entrepreneur’s spirit and the belief that the team is above all, while helping small business owners to be successful. […]

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OpenFest 2019: This Year’s Schedule Highlights

The keynote will be lead by Georgi Penkov. The long-time consultant, programmer and university presenter will talk about how new technology, while opening horizons and choices like never before, makes our daily lives fragmented and how to meet these modern challenges. Later Emanuil Tolev from Elastic will introduce us to the ways in which a […]

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Venue: "John Atanasoff" forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

By trolley bus

Trolley busses 5 and 8 to the Sofia Tech Park stop.

Trolley bus 4 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

By bus

Bus 84, 184 or 306 to the Sofia Tech Park bus stop.

Bus 305 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

Map of all routes (click to enlarge):

OpenFest map