For the free software, open technologies, the business with them, free art and knowledge.

OpenFest is the only event in Bulgaria for the free software, open culture, the free and open-source software, the free exchange of knowledge – a festival of the free creation.



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Mind Patterns and Anti-patterns – Vladimir Dzhuvinov

Coding in a dozen languages, the patterns of software design, the pillars of system architecture — you have mastered all of that. What else is there to learn? It’s now time to enter the realm of your mind where software gets created. Learn how to recognise the patterns of your mind, transcend them or even […]

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Feedback and a status update

We’ll be happy to receive your feedback – tell us what did you like, what not, what would you want for next year and whatever you can think of related to the event. A short status update follows: The video recordings are being processed at the moment and we hope that in the next two […]

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TaxiMe at OpenFest

We’re happy to introduce you one of our partners this year – TaxiMe. TaxiMe is the first Bulgarian taxi app for iOS and Android with which you can quickly and easily order a taxi from your smartphone – plus it’s download free. With TaxiMe you can track your order in real time, being aware where […]

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Live streaming

We’ll be live-streaming OpenFest this year, too. We’ll be streaming the three halls with talks (Sofia, Varna and G1). There will be two types of streams – low-quality (for low-bandwidth links and old devices) and high-quality (for all the rest). We’ll support RTMP, flash and HLS (for the mobile devices). The team has done everything […]

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Free Yoga

Especially for OpenFest attendees, yoga studio Iztok (WTC Interpred, section B, fl. 11) organizes free yoga classes –  Saturday and  Sunday from 13:15h to 14:00h. The exercises are appropriate for beginners and geeks. If you wish to try, just come to the conference with comfortable clothes. Also you can join for free any of the […]

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LPI exams

On the 2nd of November 2014 we’ll hold again a LPI exam session for leves from 101 to 302, in the Francophone center in Sofia University. It’s organized by the Univerity Agency of the Frankophony (AUF), as a representatiove of LPI-Frankophon, Master Affiliate of LPI. The exam will take place at 13:00 in the Frankophone […]

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Venue: Interpred, Sofia, Bulgaria

Using the metro:

Interpred is located directly next to the “Jolit Curie” stop of the Sofia Metro.

Map of the metro. Schedule.

By bus:

Bus №413, the name of the bus stop is WTC Interpred (СТЦ Интерпред). The bus’s initial stop is the central bus station.

Schedule and route.






By metro

Interpred is right next to the “Joliot Curie” (“Жолио Кюри”) stop of the Sofia metro.
Map of the metro | Schedule