Sponsors and Partners

If you want to help the biggest Bulgarian conference for Free & Open Source Software, we will be delighted to find a way for you to join this OpenFest and promote you, your company and/or products in a way which is beneficial for you and our visitors.

Please reach us using the contacts below so that we can share more info about how this partnership will be useful:

email: sponsors@openfest.org

Phone: +359886149067

Several Clouds provide Cloud and DevOps professional services and staff augmentation. We are extremely passionate about the Public Cloud and the DevOps culture and practices, with all their benefits for a business resulting in improved software development and operations at a global scale. Many of the solutions we deliver to our clients are based on OSS, and we would like to support the Bulgarian community.


init Lab is a Hackerspace in Sofia, a place to gather different people with hacker ways of thinking and interesting ideas.

HackSoft is a software development company that provides end-to-end solutions for building your product. HackSoft starts as a programming school – HackBulgaria, based in Sofia. Today, 9 years later, the company ships software solutions to companies from all over the World. HackSoft is a team of software builders, proficient in Python, Django, TypeScript, React, and AWS.

StorPool is an entirely Bulgarian company that develops its own software-defined storage product used by dozens of companies around the world. The unique software solution helps large corporations, cloud builders, SaaS vendors, MSPs, hosting and cloud providers to provide fast and reliable services to their customers. StorPool is one of the few Bulgarian companies that have successfully developed from a startup to a global storage vendor whose product is recognizable worldwide.The company was founded in 2011 and continues to grow rapidly. Its main mission is to continue to provide a quality product that delivers value to the market as well as to compete successfully with global market leaders. StorPool’s belief is that there is a team of exceptional people behind every innovation and successful product. The intelligence and hard work of its team are the main driving force and they are the reason for the success of the company. They are the engine that drives it to continuous growth, provides an even better product and strengthens its position in the global market for storage solutions.

SiteGround is a Bulgarian product company, an established leader in the international technology market. With more than 19 years of global experience, today it is the largest independent company in its field, with server centers in Europe, Asia and America and over 2.8 million customer domains worldwide. SiteGround also develops a number of its own products and applications, installed more than 3 million times.