OpenFest is conference for open culture, free and open software and knowledge sharing. This is 19th edition and the first to be held on open-air premises. Also to be streamed online live.

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T-shirts available

This year you can order a T-shirt or two again! Following the link you may choose color, design and size. Ordering through this form allows us to provide enough pieces.

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Become a Part of the OpenFest Team

Once again we’re looking for volunteers who will become part of the OpenFest 2021 team. Here you can find out more about the teams who make the event happen and apply to become part of them.

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Call for Participation

If you have an interesting talk, idea or project you’d like to share during OpenFest 2021, we invite you to apply at

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OpenFest 2021 Summer edition

The organizing team presents the first open-air edition of the popular event. Challenging times require extraordinary approaches. Led by the desire to meet people in person again, and be able to socialize live, the OpenFest staff invites everyone interested in open culture to attend the 19th edition of the conference – under the open skies […]

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Venue: "Maymunarnika" club, Borisova gradina park, Sofia, Bulgaria

By trolleybus

Lines 3, 4, 5 and 11 to Bulgarian News Agency stop.

By bus

Lines  204, 213, 280, 304, 505, 604 to Eagle’s Bridge bus stop.

Lines 76, Е84, Е184 to Bulgarian News Agency bus stop.

By metro

Line М3 to Eagle’s Bridge metro station.

Lines М1, М4 to Vasil Levski National Stadium metro station.