The team responsible for the organization of OpenFest is not constant. The people involved closest with the festival change every year but everyone is united by the desire to help make each new event better than the last. Any member of the team does something small, or something more, but thanks to all OpenFest is what it is today – an amazing event of the Bulgarian open source community.

The team in 2014:

Yana Petrova

Yana Petrova takes care for the communication in the team, the speakers and the external people needed for the event to happen.

Marian Marinov

Marian Marinov is other coordinator of the team. He’s in it since 2005.

Vasil Kolev

Vasil Kolev is one of the veterans in the team. He takes care of the network and video streaming/recording.

Stefan Lekov

Stefan Lekov has been the second technical person on network and video/streaming recording, since 2006.

Oleg Konstantinov

Oleg Konstantinov Oleg Konstantiov is the person whose equipment we use to record the conference in the last four years.

Hristina Nedkova

Hristina Nedkova is a coordinator of the team since 2005 and the person you’ll mostly have to talk when there’s something to do.

Goritsa Belogusheva

Goritsa Belogusheva helps with some texts and other small things.

Petko Bordjukov

Petko Bordjukov deals with Ruby professionally, mostly Ruby on Rails. In his free time he’s a member of initLab and student in FMI/SU, helps open-source projects (mostly the libv8 gem) and goes to conferences.

Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev works as a front-end developer and sometimes as a designer. Likes JavaScript and Nodejs. Author of the book “Node.js blueprints” and likes working on open-source projects. Likes to visit conferences in Bulgaria and abroad.

Stefan Vartolomeev

Stefan Vartolomeef is also a programmer from the lighter site (a.k.a. Java), but doesn’t like the heavy enterprise solutions and prefers the minimalistic design. Some time ago he became interested in startups and conferences.

Yavor Stefanov

Yavor Stefanov likes helping different Open Culture and Civic Hacking projects, helps a bit with the network and small things related to the site.

5th and 6th of November, 2016
"Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Venue: "Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

By metro

The “Bulgaria” hall is next to the Sofia’s City Garden, between the Sofia hotel and the Ministry of Defense. It’s close to the “Serdika” station of the metro.
Map of the metro | Schedule