Thank you, E-CARD!

In the last 15 years, E-CARD has been creating innovative software projects and developing a great team of specialists. The company’s projects are familiar to almost every Bulgarian, because the E-CARD’s team has developed some of the most popular TV shows, games and web-based services. The intention of the company to invest into good ideas and people is the reason they’re supporting OpenFest again.

The dynamic working process usually involves continuous advancement, so the OpenFest 2015 all visitors will be able to join a raffle for 20 excellent IT books on MySQL, FreeBSD, Perl, MariaDB, JS and HTML5 provided by E-CARD. Every visitor will be able to join by choosing a book and signing in at The winners will be announced at the end of the conference on 8th November. You can see more about E-CARD at

7th and 8th of November, 2015
"Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria



Venue: "Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

By metro

The “Bulgaria” hall is next to the Sofia’s City Garden, between the Sofia hotel and the Ministry of Defense. It’s close to the “Serdika” station of the metro.
Map of the metro | Schedule