reaching this page most probably means that you are interested in joining the Organizational team of OpenFest – people responsible for making this event happen. Each one of us possesses different areas of knowledge and interests, but what brings us together is the interest in free software and open culture combined with the wish to make them more popular in Bulgaria.

The team consists of people who voluntarily work to organize the event. We’re not in this for the money,  we are here to build a place for knowledge and experience sharing.

Basic tasks in the organizing of any OpenFest event can be described in three main directions:
– before the event – support of the conference’s website, building the program schedule through call-for-speakers and soliciting presentations and topics, finding sponsors, print and distribution of advertising material, organizing and setting up the halls;
– during the event itself – recording and streaming the talks, meeting the visitors;
– after the event – removing the equipment from the rooms and returning it, editing the recordings of the talks, publishing an archive.

If you want to join the team, please register here.

15th and 16th of October, 2022
"John Atanasoff" forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria




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Venue: "John Atanasoff" forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

By trolleybus

Trolley busses 5 and 8 to the Sofia Tech Park stop.

Trolley bus 4 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

By bus

Bus 73, 84, 184 or 306 to the Sofia Tech Park bus stop.

Bus 305 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

Map of all routes (click to enlarge):

OpenFest map