Telebid Pro – OpenFest 2022 Sponsor

We at Telebid Pro specialize in knowing and using open source projects such as: Linux, Debian, Rust, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Perl, etc. As part of our R&D, we are constantly experimenting, testing and expanding the range of technologies we work with.

At this year’s Open Fest, our colleagues presented:

  • A lecture on “Streaming Replication in PostgreSQL for Medium-Sized Databases”. The aim of the lecture was to outline both the challenges and their solutions when activating and configuring PostgreSQL streaming replication for medium-sized databases (between 5-15 TB).
  • Open-Source pgBaRMan (PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Manager) Tool Workshop for backup management and disaster recovery.

Telebid Pro is a software product-oriented company with considerable experience in the development of specialized business systems and software. Our mission is focused on adding value to our clients’ business goals by consulting, designing, integrating and implementing new technology solutions. What is crucial to our performance is maintaining and managing a highly qualified team. We take great pride in our team culture which encourages open communication and exchange of ideas between colleagues in our team.

15th and 16th of October, 2022
"John Atanasoff" forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria




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Venue: "John Atanasoff" forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

By trolleybus

Trolley busses 5 and 8 to the Sofia Tech Park stop.

Trolley bus 4 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

By bus

Bus 73, 84, 184 or 306 to the Sofia Tech Park bus stop.

Bus 305 to the Aviation Square bus stop.

Map of all routes (click to enlarge):

OpenFest map